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chiliconWelcome to the Chillagoe Caving Club.  Our Club is based in Chillagoe, Far North Queensland, and most of our caving is done there. We have documented approximately 600 caves in the immediate Chillagoe area and are still finding more! Our Club also visits other caving areas such as Broken River which has huge potential for finding new caves.

Club members have many interests including exploration, surveying and documenting the cave flora and fauna in our area. We also undertake trips to other karst areas throughout Australasia such as Tasmania and New Zealand. Our Club welcomes new members and we are always keen to show people the underground world.

The Club has an established Clubhouse in Chillagoe with accomodation, camping areas and amenities (cooking, showers, toilets etc). We also have a tackle room with basic caving equipment for beginners and members to borrow. Everyone, members and visitors alike, are welcome to use the facilities for a modest fee.

The Club maintains a most happy relationship with the Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service, who manage the caves on National Park land in Chillagoe.  For those interested in a less strenuous look at the beautiful caves National Parks operates daily tours of selected tourist caves for which no special equipment is required.

Please have a look at our website and we hope you will join us in Chillagoe at some time in the future.


Congratulations to our fellow cavers in New Zealand! The connection between Stormy Pot and Nettlebed has been made and the cave is now over 1200m deep! What an achievement and maybe they can push it even further.


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